Hash Tag Throwback Thursday!

Hash Tag Throwback Thursday!

I was just looking through my old albums, and i found this photo. Ah, childhood memories are the best! Reminiscing the times when I was just a little, innocent girl, running around, and laughing non-stop makes me feel so good. But, at the same time, it makes me feel old too! Oh, I can’t believe how fast time flies! I can still remember how my friends and I used to play inside the playroom, and just have fun. I missed the times when the homeworks given to us were just coloring and drawing. I missed my kindergarten friends. I missed my teachers back then. Time flies so fast, treasure the memories you make and will make. 😄😁😀


Fate Brought Us Together, Friends Forever!


High school years are said to be the funnest years in studying. Many people said that in high school, you will find who your true friends really are. I can say that they are absolutely right.
Ever since I was in elementary, I was already surrounded by awesome people, and they are my barkada. We never fought with each other, and we always agree on one thing. Yes, we might have some misunderstandings, but we often solve the problem right away. We have a strong friendship that i believe no one could destroy.
Ever since in elementary, up until now, we’ve always been supportive with one another. We have different interests, but that’s what makes our friendship so unique. That even we have different hobbies, we still could get along with one another, and have fun.
It has been years of friendship. I never thought I would have such awesome friends who would stay with me this long. The laughters we’ve shared, the memories we’ve kept, and the future adventures we will have, I will always treasure those as long as I live. Fate has something to do with the friendship we have, and I’m just thankful for having them by my side.